How does it work

Having been in the web application development business for over 17 years, we’ve designed, developed and managed a number of large-scale complex projects such as:-

  • Staff and Student Management System for Queen Mary, University of London
  • Multi-lingual Brand Management Platform for Regus Business Centres, supporting 47 different languages
  • Employee Benefits Portal for Foster Denovo
  • Cloud-based CRM with VOIP, Email and Amazon S3 integration
  • Digital Employee Handbook Publishing Platform

We’ve also spoken to a number of small businesses and their needs to thrive as a business.

Over the years, we keep hearing the same thing…

Common Situation

“We need an integrated solution that manages our business processes from sales and marketing to prospects, day to day business management and customer service but we can’t afford to custom build a solution.”

It was at one of these meetings that the business owner said,

“I can’t be the only IT support company that needs this functionality in a single application”.

Eureka Moment

He then went on to say, “Why don’t you use us as a guinea pig and develop an application and then sell it to other IT support companies”.

We’ve heard this many times before and the problem is…we carry all the risk!

Then I had my Eureka moment!

What if we could crowdfund the development of the application and spread the cost across a number of companies.

How It Would Work

  1. A number of companies pledge a fixed amount towards the development of the application.
  2. Once the required funding amount is raised, a specification is agreed upon with the pledgees.
  3. Once the application has been developed each pledgee will own a copy of the application for their own use.
  4. With no per user licence fees, an unlimited perpetual licence and an application worth many £10,000s for a fraction of the cost, it will add value to your business.

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